12/20 Grant Writing for Artists with Disabilities

I’ll be discussing grant-writing for artists with disabilities with Springboard for the Arts in Minnesota on Dec. 20th. We’ll explore strategies artists with disabilities can use by exploring approaches to each part of successful applications.

Springboard for the Arts’ mission is to support artists with the tools to make a living and a life, and to build just and equitable communities full of meaning, joy, and connection. Founded as an independent nonprofit in 1991, Springboard for the Arts has an innovative 30-year history of supporting artists making a living and a life and artist-led community development work.

With offices in St. Paul and Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and working nationally, they’re a small and ambitious organization that gets things done. They dream big about a different world that attends to an ecosystem that supports everyone to live and love as they wish while treading gently on this only planet we share. Everything they do, they strive to model a more holistic and more equitable ecosystem in order to make a greater difference.

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