The Dream Highway of Ms. Mannivongsa text adventure free online

After several years in development, I recently finished adapting several poems of mine from my 2013 collection DEMONSTRA (2013, Innsmouth Press) into a “choose your own adventure” poem. The majority of the text is drawn from a newly edited iteration of my epic “The Dream Highway of Ms. Mannivongsa,” and several other connected poems.

Almost from the beginning, while I enjoyed the hard-copy, linear versions of these poems, given the themes and ambitions of the tale, I’d always wanted to create something like this as a proof-of-concept test of how poets might approach contemporary story-telling technology. This should work on most browsers:

I think the leaning curve on the Twine software is significantly lower than most others, and as a free, open-source software, this makes it economically accessible to poets, so I have to give it my personal recommendation.

Some crticis have lamented the lack of ability to embed images or multimedia, but as a fan of the old Infocom text adventures, I consider it a wonderful feature, not a bug.

Because the “Dream Highway of Ms. Mannivongsa” centered mostly on a protagonist caught in a Southeast Asian refugee “Groundhog’s Day” multiverse scenario, there wasn’t a need to define a concrete ending, in my view.

Where I think this has an interesting development for speculative poets is the question of offering alternate endings for readers and yourself.

I would caution that as the genre blooms, a poet will have to ask if they are open to the poem being judged or evaluated for particular endings, read-throughs, etc. I consider that a trivial burden, however.

The software I used to make the game outputs your result all as one single html file which means you can host it somewhere like or your own website, or send it by e-mail to someone to play locally on their system, even offline. You can get Twine at:

I hope you enjoy this game!

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