1998-2021 Publications List

The following list does not include articles, interviews (as either the subject or the interviewer), op-eds, essays, or poems and short fiction from my Patreon or Facebook exclusive work but can provide a preliminary guide to materials that can be found online and in various print journals.


Before We Remember We Dream, Sahtu Press, 2020.
Diasporantics, Laomagination Project, 2018.
DEMONSTRA, Innsmouth Free Press, 2013.
Tanon Sai Jai, Silosoth Press, 2009.
BARROW, Sam’s Dot Publishing, 2009.
Winter Ink,MN Center for Book Arts, 2008.
On the Other Side of the Eye, Sam’s Dot Publishing, 2007.
My Dinner with Cluster Bombs: The Tuk-Tuk Diaries, Unarmed Press, 2003.

Magazines, Journals and Anthology Publications 1999-2021

On A Stairway In Luang Prabang,” Swirl of Words, Swirl of Worlds, PEER, August, 2021.

Mysteries,” Space Cowboy Books Presents, June, 2020.

“Oni,” The World I Leave You, Orison Books, May, 2020.

“Departures;” “Preparations for Southeast Asia;” “Deja Vu;” and “Missoula, 1976” To Gather Your Leaving, Ethos Books, November, 2019.

“Burning Eden One Branch At A Time,” After the Equinox, League of Minnesota Poets, Fall, 2019.

“The Besting Life,” and “The Will Steel, the Heart Writhes,” HoPLoS, June 2019.

“Screaming From My Throne of Stars,” “Moving Mountains, Burning Stars,” and “Riding the Tiger,” Altered Reality Magazine, February, 2019.

“Old Luggage,” Lantern Review 7.2, May, 2019

“Diasporas Like Rivers,” Planting SEADS, The SEAD Project, November, 2018.

“Thraw,” “Limmiter,” “Bleb,” “Cladd,” Subverted Fairy Project, November, 2018.

“Zelkova Tree (Chinese translation)” Voice and Verse #43, September/October 2018.

“Hmongtown,” The Poetry of US, National Geographic, September, 2018.

“SEAARCHING,” “Sabaidee Is NOT the Next Aloha,” University of MN Asian American Studies Program Journal, 2018.

“A Country Is Family,” Mekong Review, August 2018.

“Policies Are To Failure As Dreams Are To Die,” “Please Describe Your Problem In 250 Words Or Less, Lao American Edition.” Asian American Policy Review, 2018.

“Missoula, 1976,” Little Laos on the Prairie, June, 2018.

“Ironies,” Without Walls, May, 2018.

A Mini-American in Missoula,” Minneasian Stories, May, 2018.

“Full Metal Hanuman,” NatashaMoni.Com, April, 2018.

“Great Leaps,” “Frontiers for Tomorrow’s Poets,” OFI Press Magazine, March, 2018.

“Jaew,” “Commodities,” “Laos in the House,” Lao of the Central Valley, LSA Publications,December, 2017.

“Zelkova Tree,” Voice and Verse, December, 2017.

“Pavlov’s Menagerie Ruminates,” SPECPO, November, 2017.

“The Last War Poem,” Secret War documentary, Valley PBS trailer, October, 2017.

“What Kills A Man,” and “An Archaeology of Snow Forts,” Mithila Review, August, 2017.

“Ecce Monstro,” Poetry, July/August, 2017.

“The Robo Sutra,” Machine Dreams Zine, May, 2017.

“Vientiane In 12 Haikus” Capitals, January, 2017.

“An Exchange in Ukiah, CA, 2557,” Water~stone Review, Vol. 19 2016.

“This Island, New Laos,” LONTAR journal, October, 2016.

“Arachne’s Daughter” and “The New Humenu, 2112,”Defenestration, August 2016.

“Phaya Nak Goes to the West,”Uncanny Magazine, July/August 2016.

“Robohaikus”Jewish Mexican Literary Review, July 2016.

“Chimarine,” “A Distant Sound of War,” Dark Discoveries Magazine #36, July, 2016.

“The Pearl In the Shadows,” Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis, Martian Migraine Press, 2016.

“Minions,”Strange Horizons, April, 2016.

“Narrative of the Naga’s Heirs,”Uncanny Magazine, January/February 2016.

“Laotian Cartographies, Part I (Phantoms),” “A Semblance of Our Conversation, April 11th, 2010, Ceres, CA,””My Secret War Within,” Asian American Literary Review, Fall/Winter 2015.

“Slices of Failure in Super Science,”Uncanny Magazine, July/August, 2015.

Machine Dreams: A Symposium on Robots, Arts, and Difference Chapbook, Summer, 2015.

“The Last War Poem,”40 & Forward, SEARAC, May, 2015.

“No Such Phi,”Lakeside Circus, January, 2014.

“Discussing Principles Of Art With Laotians,”Cha Magazine, March, 2014.

“The Last War Poem,”Southeast Asia Globe, March, 2014 .

“Five Flavors”reprinted at Little Laos on the Prairie, October, 2014.

“The Dachshunds of Tindalos” a drabble for Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2014.

“5 Flavors,”Expanded Horizons, October, 2013.

“Full Metal Hanuman,”Strange Horizons, Fall, 2013.

“Stainless Steel Nak,” Lontar: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction, Singapore, August 2013.

“The Robo Sutra,”Expanded Horizons, July, 2013.

“Songkran Niyomsane’s Forensic Medicine Museum, 2003,”The Margins, July, 2013.

“Laonomicon,” Innsmouth Magazine, Montreal, Canada, July, 2013.

“No Regrets,” Rain of Poems, Casagrande Collective, Chile, June, 2013.

“No Regrets,” The World Record, Bloodaxe Books, London, England, June, 2013.

“Ink: A Recipe,” Cha Magazine, Hong Kong, March, 2013.

“Fragment of a Dream of Atlantean Yellows,” Innsmouth Magazine, Montreal, Canada, January, 2013.

“Dreamonstration,”The Missing Slate, Pakistan, January, 2013.

“The Buddha of Bombies,” “Idle Fears,” and “A Koan of 32 Kwan.”Buddhist Poetry Review, September, 2012.

“On A Stairway in Luang Prabang,” BBC Radio Scotland, September 8, 2012.

What is the Southeast Asian American Poem of Tomorrow?,” Angry Asian Man, August, 2012.

“Bangkok Arrival,” Toe Good Poetry, August, 2012.

“Evolve,” Outsiders Within: Korean Language Edition, KoRoot Publishing, Seoul, Korea, 2012.

“Pen|Sword: 3 Tales or So,” Lantern Review #4, February, 2012.

“Metropolis,” Toe Good Poetry, February, 2012.

“The Deep Ones,” Future Lovecraft,Innsmouth Free Press, 2011.

“The Spirit Catches You and You Get Body Slammed,” et al. How Do I Begin?, Heyday Books, 2011.

“Khop Jai For Nothing, Farangs,”National Endowment for the Arts Writers Corner, 2010.

“Home Is To Box As To Leave Is To Free,” et al. Kartika Review, Spring, 2010.

“The Last War Poem,” Culture and Customs of Laos, Greenwood Publishing Group, March, 2009.

“Selves,” “Voyage,” Grinding Up Stones, Spring, 2009.

Planting,” Cha Magazine, Hong Kong, February, 2009.

“Burning Eden One Branch at a Time,” Language For A New Century, Norton, 2008.

“Departures,” “Capital,” et al.Journal for SE Asian American Education and Advancement, 2007.

“Riding the 16,” “Modern Life,” St. Paul Almanac,2007.

“from five fragments” In Our Own Words, Vol. 7, 2007.

“Dream,” “Rebellions,”“Zaj,” “Ntsuag Sings the Blues,” Unplug, April/May, 2007.

“Stairways In Luang Prabang,” “Nam,” “Sai Lao,” Bakka Magazine, April, 2007.

“The Deep Ones,” “Before Going Feral,” Illumen, Spring 2007.

“Zelkova Tree,” Cha Magazine, Hong Kong, February, 2007.

“To A Chinese Horse Behind Minneapolis Glass” Papertiger: New World Poetry, Australia, Fall/Winter, 2006.

“Boun,” “Jaew,” and “The National Library In Laos,” Bakka Magazine, October, 2006.

“Daughters of Barrabas,” Poetry Midwest, Summer, 2006.

“A Question of Place”Whistling Shade, Summer, 2006.

“Soap,” “An Archaeology of Snow Forts,” and “Homonculus,” Tales of the Unanticipated #28 , 2006.

“Imperious,” “Whorl,” Hyphen Magazine #9, Summer, 2006.

“The Kaiju & I” 8-Poem Series, G-Fan Magazine #75, Spring, 2006.

“Evolve”, Outsiders Within Anthology, South End Press, 2006.

“To A Chinese Horse Behind Minneapolis Glass,” and “Babylon Gallery,”Kaleidowhirl, Summer, 2005.

“A Hmong Goodbye,” Poems Niederngasse, Germany, January/February, 2005.

“A Few Unexpected Sights at Tuol Sleng,” Ithuriel’s Spear, February, 2005.

“Song for a Sansei,” Big Bridge #10, February, 2005.

“Snakehead,” Peaks^ Literary Journal, January, 2005.

“The Shape,” Paj Ntaub Voice Hmong Literary Journal, Winter, 2004.

“Dog Soldier Haiku,” Mastodon Dentist, December, 2004.

“The Hermit Crab, Copacetic” and What Tomorrow Takes Away,” Pedestal Magazine, November, 2004.

“Poultry”Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, October, 2004.

“Kingdoms” Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry #28, October, 2004.

“Midwestern Conversations,” Out of Line, Fall, 2004.

“Verbal Rorschach,” Speakeasy Magazine, September, 2004.

“Insomniacafe,” Real Eight View, October, 2004.

“The Big G,” and “Secrets” Defenestration Magazine, September 20, 2004.

“Questions,”” Discoveries,” and “Understanding” Banned On These Premises Exhibition, August, 2004.

“Democracia,” “Perspectives,” “Riding The 16,” “The Talk,” “Iai” Other Voices Int’l Poetry Project, 2004.

“Enso,” Arbutus Journal, Winter, 2004.

“Kobe Hotel,” and “Oni,” Big City Lit, February, 2004.

“Mischief In The Heavens” Defenestration Magazine, February, 2004.

“Chances,” Defenestration Magazine, January, 2004.

“Today’s Special At The Shuang Cheng,” Mid-American Poetry Review, Fall, 2004.

“A Song of Bangkok,” Cascadia Review, December, 2003.

“Tetragrammaton,” Stirring Journal, December, 2003.

“Champassak In January,” Rock Salt Plum Journal, December, 2003.

“Surprises In America,” London Ghetto Poets, December, 2003.

“Cocktail Napkins,” Muse Apprentice Guild, December, 2003.

“Maidens of Sivilay,” and “Phonsavan,” Mad Poets of Terra, October, 2003.

“Khaosan Road, 2003,” and “A Blessing Or A Curse.”Whimperbang, October, 2003.

“Little Bear,”Astropoetica, Fall, 2003.

“Gallery 16: Zen of the Mouth, 2003,” Urban Pioneer #4, Vol. II., 2003.

“The Temples,” Paj Ntaub Voice, Summer, 2003.

“The Spirit Catches You, And You Get Body Slammed,” Paj Ntaub Voice, Summer 2003.

“History’s Game,” Paj Ntaub Voice, Summer, 2003.

“Voices,” Urban Pioneer #2, Vol. I., 2002.

“Japonsime, Laoisme,” Asian Pacific American Journal, Winter, 2003.

“Genesis 2020,” Whistling Shade, Summer, 2002.

“Incantation of a Hooligan,” Unarmed #31, 2002.

“Wisdom,””Fury,” et al.  Bamboo Among the Oaks, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2002.

“Modern Life,” Unarmed #29, 2002.

“The Serpent Under The Rainbow,” Unarmed #25, 2002.

“Futura,” Paj Ntaub Voice Hmong Literary Journal, Summer, 2001.

“GPS,” Paj Ntaub Voice Hmong Literary Journal, Summer, 2001.

“Quixote‟s Jihad,” Unarmed #23, 2001.

“My Autopsy, Thank You,” Journal of the Asian American Renaissance, Winter 2001.

“Half The Battle,” Journal of the Asian American Renaissance, Winter, 2001.

“Visual Silence,” Paj Ntaub Voice Hmong Literary Journal, Winter, 2001.

“Fury,” Paj Ntaub Voice Hmong Literary Journal, Winter, 2001.

“N‟est Ce Pas Olympus,” Whistling Shade, Winter, 2001.

“Heresy to Shining See,” Unarmed #20, 2001.

“Smoke Coil 2001,” Unarmed #18, 2001.

“Naked,” Paj Ntaub Voice Hmong Literary Journal, Summer, 2000.

“Writers at War,” Paj Ntaub Voice Hmong Literary Journal, Summer, 2000.

“Raven Remembers,” USAF Forward Air Controller’s Website, Spring, 1999.

Selected Short Stories
“A Model Apartment,” (Reprint) Sunspot Jungle, Rosarium, New York, New York, 2019.

“What Hides and What Returns,” Historical Lovecraft, Innsmouth Free Press, Montreal, Canada, 2011.

“A Model Apartment,” Innsmouth Free Press, Issue 4, Montreal, Canada, 2010.

“The Dog at the Camp,” Tales of the Unanticipated, Autumn, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2006.

The True Tale of Yer,” Bamboo Among the Oaks, MN Historical Society Press, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2002.

“A Dream of Laaj,” Paj Ntaub Voice, Vol. 7, No. 1, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2000.

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