2021 Poetry Readings

With the conclusion of 2021, thanks to my supporters including the Minnesota State Arts Board, Springboard for the Arts, Sahtu Press, my Patreon backers, friends, family, and fellow artists of the Laomagination project I was able to share more new readings of my work across the country and particularly Minnesota than I have been since I began my youtube channel way back in 2006. (Wow, 15 years ago!)

The majority of readings were poems from my most recent collection, Before We Remember We Dream (Sahtu Press, 2020) enough to say that I’ve read every poem in there at least once, now. Poems read this year were also drawn from my collections On The Other Side Of The Eye, BARROW, The Tuk-Tuk Diaries, Tanon Sai Jai, DEMONSTRA, and Diasporantics, among others. Readings took place all over, including in front of a very famous horror writer’s house in Maine, various high points in New England, the graveyard where Night of the Living Dead was filmed, Hell, Michigan, the Franconia Sculpture Garden, the CONvergence science fiction convention, and across Minneapolis, Mankato, Duluth, and the Minnesota Iron Range. Posts were made approximately three times a week with almost daily recordings.

Hopefully throughout 2022, additional readings will be shared. The majority are subtitled, but I had to change equipment at several points throughout the process and teach myself various basic skills in modern video editing, which has not been particularly easy with a substantial hearing impairment.

I am happy to point out that many of these activities were made possible as a fiscal year 2021 recipient of a Creative Support for Individuals grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

  1. Saline, 2009.
  2. On A Subway to the Bay 2558
  3. Albums
  4. Providence, 1998
  5. Chu
  6. Wat Mahabut, 2003
  7. When Among Romans
  8. Encounters and Incantations
  9. Bottom Dollars
  10. Missoula, 2017
  11. Saline, 1991
  12. Sticky Rice Blues
  13. Westerville, 1995
  14. Democracia
  15. Phnom Penh in January
  16. A SEAL Story
  17. The Lady of Lake Yosemite
  18. Moving Mountains, Burning Stars
  19. Albums
  20. Oriental Rat Flea
  21. Saline, 1991
  22. On The Other Side Of The Eye: 5 Poems
  23. Barrow
  24. Saline, 2009
  25. On The Road To Vientiane, 1975
  26. Riding the 16
  27. Narrative of the Nak’s Heirs
  28. Between La Mancha and Shangri La
  29. Vientiane in 12 Haikus
  30. Carbon
  31. The Grass, Earth Day 2021
  32. Returning
  33. Reading in Duluth
  34. Libertree
  35. Middle Path
  36. Leuk Lao
  37. Temporary Passages
  38. A SEAL Story
  39. Jai Gai Nyai
  40. Bottom Dollars
  41. On A Subway To The Bay, 2558
  42. Deja Vu
  43. Between La Mancha and Shangri La
  44. A Country is Family
  45. Departing
  46. Hymn of Stones
  47. Remembering Pos Moua
  48. Arachne’s Daughter
  49. For No One In Particular
  50. Destroy All Monsters
  51. Notes Regarding the Living Heart
  52. Riding the Tiger
  53. Aliens
  54. To Gather Your Leaving
  55. Our Brave New World
  56. At Home
  57. Oni
  58. Golden Triangle, Holy Mountain
  59. An Exchange in Ukiah, 2556
  60. Poultry
  61. Isopod
  62. The Shape
  63. Phaeng Mae
  64. Babylon Gallery
  65. The Buddha of Bombies
  66. How To Live On Other Planets
  67. Khop Jai for Nothing, Falangs
  68. Cameos
  69. Legion
  70. Little Bear, Ursa Minor
  71. Zombuddha
  72. Ba
  73. Passa Falang
  74. Snakehead
  75. In the Beginning
  76. Laab
  77. Vientiane in 12 Haikus
  78. A Discussion of Monsters
  79. Fon Xang
  80. Tempus Fugit
  81. Texts
  82. A Wat Is To Temple As To Escape Is To Survive
  83. Missoula, 1976
  84. Zelkova Tree
  85. Hey, Einstein
  86. Dragon Jazz
  87. What the Guide Said
  88. On the Road to Vientiane, 1975
  89. New Myths of the Northern Land
  90. Cameos
  91. Idle Fears
  92. Narrative of the Nak’s Heirs
  93. Planting
  94. To An Old Tune
  95. The Big G. Walking
  96. When Among Romans
  97. Zombuddha
  98. Ironies
  99. Chu
  100. A Little Bat
  101. Origami
  102. Ketsana Haiku
  103. Kingdoms
  104. Saline, 2009
  105. A Sphinx Reviews Myth AS Self
  106. A Good Poem
  107. Returning
  108. The Hermit Crab Copacetic
  109. The You Do Devil
  110. Jai Gai Nyai
  111. Kaiku Haiku
  112. The Pearl in the Shadows

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