Mayor of Hell, 8/16

Among the fun announcements for this month, I’ll be serving as the Mayor of Hell (the city in Michigan) for a day on August 16th. I plan to arrive in around noon, and you better believe a big part of my edicts will be for all of you to read or write some poetry that day, at least until I get impeached. I’m probably going to be in town until about 5PM weather permitting. From the looks of it, it should be just fine, if a little overcast:

I’ll be reading and writing poetry throughout the day in different parts of Hell and meeting with visitors who pass through, even signing autographs until my time is up. I’ll be reading from several of my poetry collections including On The Other Side Of The Eye, BARROW, Tanon Sai Jai, Demonstra, and Before We Remember We Dream.

Among poems I’ll be reading include “Missing the Beauty,” “To An Old Tune,” “Sticky Rice Blues,” “The You Do Devil,” and “Phaya Nak Goes To The West,” among others, and try to compose some original poems for the day.

I’ll likely be making some donations to the Hell community library, especially from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association which I’ve visited several years in a row now.

Of course, my first trip to Hell took place many years ago in 1993 with several members of the Sigma Delta Phi fraternity of Otterbein University, although I have a hard time remembering exactly how we determined that was a great idea worth a 6-hour roundtrip at the time.

In any case, I thank all of my Patreon supporters who made this trip possible, and I look forward to sharing more with all of you afterwards on my Youtube channel at and social media.

One thought on “Mayor of Hell, 8/16

  1. Is this really you? you look the same, largely. Hell used to be a KKK bastion. Glad to see you will now be reading Lao poetry there. Great news. Be well.

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