Skepticon: Jump Scares and Last Girls 8/14

It’s a little last minute but I’m happy to announce I’m coming (virtually) to the Missouri-based Skepticon on Saturday, August 14th at noon.

Skepticon is a skeptic/freethinker/educational/awesome conference that is held annually in St Louis, MO. It is the mission of Skepticon to support, promote, and develop free-thought, skeptic, and scientific communities through inclusive educational programming, and with an expressly social-justice-oriented philosophy.

They celebrate science, social justice, and dinosaurs which fits firmly within my personal Venn diagram, of course.

Skepticon is also the largest FREE skeptic conference in the nation, and quite possibly the universe*. They accomplish this through a small team of dedicated workers, the help of a great many amazing volunteers, and of course–the support of people like you!

The panel I’ll be participating in is Jump Scares and Last Girls at high noon: Horror stories and movies aren’t necessarily known for being very innovative. Yet they still manage to scare us, even when they don’t surprise us. What makes something scary, even when it isn’t surprising? And what tropes need to be retired for a while?

The other panelists are Raychelle Burks and Jordan Shiveley and it will be moderated by the amazing Catherine Lundoff! Be sure to join us all for this intriguing question. I’ll try to share my notes afterwards!

In the meantime, here’s a poem of my reading: “A Discussion of Monsters,” from my 2013 collection DEMONSTRA from Innsmouth Free Press to start getting the ball rolling on the angle I’ll be approaching it from.

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