Chattanooga Writers Guild: August 10th

I’ll be presenting on August 10 at the Chattanooga Writers Guild on the subject of “Impossibilities of Imagination (Or Lacks Thereof)” thanks to an invitation from the wonderful poet John C. Mannone. This will be done via Zoom from 6:45PM-8:30PM Eastern time and is free to the public.

The focus is planned as such: Poets and writers call upon a wide range of inner and external resources to express their creativity. Even after thousands of years, there is much to express, and opportunities to explore. As a refugee poet, who has represented my former homeland at the Olympics, presented at the Smithsonian, and drawn upon science fictional verse to aid the postwar reconstruction of my culture’s literary traditions, I will discuss the importance of a creative writer’s community and imagining greater possibilities for where a poet/writer presents beyond the page and stage, and how we make successful proposals that expand the boundaries of where poetry and prose might be found in our lives.

For more details, please visit them here:

The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild held its first meeting in September, 2001. They are a fellowship of writers, ranging from novice to expert, who enjoy interacting with, and learning from other writers. Our stated mission is: The Guild promotes, encourages, and supports writing and fosters a supportive, caring environment for writers in the Chattanooga community. They are a family of creative spirited people who love rubbing shoulders with other kindred spirits. They believe that writers write better in community with others!

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