To Gather Your Leaving reading in Duluth

In 2019, four of my poems reflecting on the Lao and Southeast Asian diaspora were included in the Singaporean anthology To Gather Your Leaving from Ethos Books. The anthology arrived right before I made my second return to Laos at 47 years old. My first return had been in 2003, and is covered in part in the poems featured in this anthology.

In July, 2021, I gave a reading in Duluth, Minnesota of all four poems. “To Gather Your Leaving: Asian Diaspora Poetry from America, Australia, UK and Europe” was edited by Boey Kim Cheng, Arin Alycia Fong, and Justin Chia. I deeply appreciated their interest in my work. The poems featured are “Departures,” “Preparations for Southeast Asia,” “Déjà vu” and “Missoula, 1976.”

You can purchase a copy here:

Ethos Books is an independent publisher of literary fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Giving voice to emerging and exciting writers from diverse backgrounds, they help foster an environment in which literature and the arts not only survive, but thrive. In short, they nurture the growing literary community in Singapore and throughout the region.

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