Midstream Reading Series: July 8, 2021

I’ll be presenting at the Minnesota-based Midstream Reading Series via Zoom on Thursday July 8, 2021, 7:30–8:30pm CDT. The live music portion of the show will take place from 7:00pm to 7:30pm. The Zoom invitation will be posted on the website at 6am on the morning of the reading. 

Feel free to join any time from 7pm to 7:30pm. They are limited to 100 Zoom participants. The reading will be recorded and posted to YouTube afterwards; please check the website for details.

Original poems from Sharon Chmielarz, Dave Healy, Bryan Thao Worra and Ranae Lenor Hanson. Musical prelude from The Gritpickers Old Time String Band. Hosted by Mimi Jennings.
Sharon Chmielarz was born and raised in South Dakota, three miles from the Missouri River and Standing Rock Reservation. She lives in Minnesota. Her Visibility: Ten Miles was a finalist for the 2015 Midwest Book Awards. Kirkus Reviews named both The Widow’s House and The J Horoscope among the best 100 Indie books of 2016 and 2019. Her latest book, her thirteenth, is Speaking in Riddles. Her poems have appeared in magazines such as The Notre Dame Review, The Iowa Review, Prairie Schooner and The Hudson Review.
Dave Healy is a recovering academic, having taught literature and composition and directed writing centers at Bethel College (now Bethel University) and the University of Minnesota’s General College. He edited The Writing Center Journal, Public Art Review, and the Park Bugle, a community newspaper. His poetry and essays have been published in The Minneapolis Review of Baseball, Elysian Fields Quarterly, Turtle Quarterly, New Plains Review, Dash, Voices for the City, and Minnesota Memories. He and his wife, Nancy, live in a 111-year-old house in St. Paul. In over 60 years as a baseball fan, he has never once caught a foul ball.
Bryan Thao Worra is the Lao Minnesotan Poet Laureate and the author of several books, and represented Laos during the 2012 London Summer Games.
Ranae Lenor Hanson, educator and climate activist, taught writing and global studies at Minneapolis College for thirty-one years. Her roots among a community of story-tellers in the northeastern wilderness watersheds of Minnesota, plus the lives and stories of her students, and her diagnosis in adulthood of Type 1 diabetes, have all taught her ways that bodies parallel ecosystems. Her BA is in literature and writing; her PhD in cross-cultural education. Watershed, Attending to Body and Earth in Distress, her meditation on intimate connections between bodily health and biome health, came out last month from the University of Minnesota Press.

The Gritpickers Old Time String Band weaves hot fiddle-and-banjo tunes with songs that feature terrific two- and three-part harmonies. Sets are peppered with stories and humor that adds a grin to the toes already tapping in the room. They play for weddings, dances, block parties, restaurant shows, community events, garage door openers, and other hallmark cultural events. What’s a Gritpicker? They are Don Jacques on fiddle and guitar, Rob Daves on banjo and Gene Willms on guitar. They thrill concert audiences, dancers and wedding parties alike with old time string band music. Listen to their CD, Harmony Grits, on CDBaby.com/TheGritpickers. Visit them on Facebook. Their CD is available on CDBaby.com, and iTunes, and by contacting them at gritpickers@gmail.com.

David Shove started the Midstream Reading Series in 2012 and ran it until his death in 2018. It has since continued thanks to his friends and colleagues across Minnesota in his memory.

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