I Am Loy and Laomagination meet

Last year, Lao American artist Loy Khambay-Correa and I collaborated together on a number of projects and exhibits for the Laomagination projects, and one of the pieces that emerged was “Faces of Bryan,” a portrait of a familiar Lao poet. You can get your own shirt now over at her website.

I told her I wanted to see her push her talents and skills on this one with a portrait like no one but her could do of me, and I think she came through with flying colors, much to my delight and appreciation.


Born Kheuthmy Khambay, her name meant “Grow Rich Gold Leaf.” Over the years her close family and friends began calling her Loy, which either means “slip away” or “swim.” She was born in a small village in Savannakhet, Laos.

Her formative years were spent in Saint Louis, MO and Saint Petersburg, FL. She developed her love for art watching her uncle Thai Khambay draw when she was a little girl. “I was inspired and mesmerized by his drawings, by the age of 8, I started to draw with him,” she says.

She attributes much of her success these days to the tough love her parents gave her, giving her the strength, determination and blessings that drove her to excel. She received her degrees in Commercial Arts along with a Film & Video Production degree from Full Sail University. Soon after she graduated from Full Sail, she moved to Los Angeles, CA. She had an internship with Women In Film and than worked on various projects. In that world, she went from working in post-production, production, and than pre-production. Today, she only work on projects that she feels that it is worthy to her. If it is going to a good cause or if it is her seed that she is planting. Through all of that process, she found her love and that was returning back to her art.

In 2007, she decided to come out of hiding to reveal her artistic talent to her family and friends. She held her first and solo art show called the Ah-Loy Show. With that success, she plans on having a show every year along with a new theme to showcase her vision.

Visit her regularly at: https://www.iamloy.com/


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