Flow: Stay Home New Year Coming

Flow into a new year with us! You’re invited to a 3 day fest to celebrate Southeast Asian songkran starting week April 13th. RSVP at: www.flownewyear.eventbrite.com

Flow Stay Home New YearFor the latest updates, visit: www.theseadproject.org/flow2020

In particular, on April 13th, I’ll help you learn the basics about Theravada Buddhist new year in their e-workshop on history, traditions, festivities, and ending with poetry.

Day 1: Flow New Year’s happens April 13th at 1:00PM US CST. To supplement the workshop, the SEAD project is creating a Theravada Buddhist New Years Resource Deck that will soon be available for download.


Bryan Thao Worra is a Lao American poet and holds a Joyce Award and an NEA Fellowship in Literature. His current book is Before We Remember We Dream from Sahtu Press.

Sokunthary Svay is a Khmer writer from New York City. Her poetry collection, Apsara in New York is available from Willow Books.


This talk is via Zoom and is free and open to the public. Register here: https://bit.ly/39PwWTV.



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