NecronomiCon 2019 panels announced

My 2019 NecronomiCon panels have been announced. I’m very excited to see you all in August for what I believe will be a very informative and strange series of conversations and demonstrations. This will be my first time to Providence since 1998, so I imagine there have been a few changes in the last 21 years.

Poetry has been a critical component of weird literature since the beginning and continues to be a vital movement. Our panelists discuss their approach to speculative poetry, their inspirations, and the advantages of poetry as a medium for approaching the strange. The status of genre poetry and state of the industry will also be considered. Panelists: Donald Sidney-Fryer, Sonya Taaffe, Bryan Thao Worra (M), Frank Coffman, Thomas Broadbent

Weird fiction is populated with entities that are greater than the sum of their parts. Distributed and collective consciousnesses raise powerful questions about free will, the nature of identity, and the significance of bodies as a source of selfhood. Not surprisingly, they are a staple of horror and science fiction, appearing across all forms of media. Our panelists discuss the existential nightmares raised when the individual confronts the superorganism, and when we realize that we, ourselves, are not a single entity in any meaningful sense. Prepare to be assimilated! Panelists: Carrie Laben, Fred Lubnow, Julie C. Day (M), Bryan Thao Worra, Dempow Torishima, Mrinalini Nikrad

NecronomiCon is organized by the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council, a nonprofit organization based in Providence, Rhode Island that serves as a networking center for scholars, authors, artists, and fans of the Weird literary world, inspired in part by Providence author H. P. Lovecraft  and expanded upon by so many others. They strive to foster a vibrant and diverse global weird fiction and art community, and to provide a home for this community here in Providence.

This year’s guests of honor include Peter Cannon, Kenneth Hite, Sonya Taaffe, Dempow Torishima, Victor LaValle, Molly Tanzer, and Paul Tremblay. This will be my very first time meeting them in person, and I look forward to the proceedings.


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