Matatu Festival of Stories: September 27th

My fellow Laomagination collaborator, Kaysone Syonesa and I will be coming to the 7th Matatu Festival of Stories in Oakland, California with comedian Hari Kondabolu and the cooking of Nite Yun, who founded the restaurant Nyum Bai with one vision: to preserve and share Cambodian culture through food.

We’ll be sharing an adaptation of our Smithsonian presentation of our work-in-progress for the Laomagination 45 exhibition with the Lao Assistance Center in Minneapolis in 2020. We’re very excited about the project so far, looking at the stories of over 62 Lao Minnesotans in diaspora to come up with a meaningful examination of what it means to be Lao in American and the world 45 years after the end of our conflicts in Southeast Asia.

Please let your friends and collagues in California know about this exciting presentation, and we look forward to sharing even more with you in the coming weeks ahead!

Laomagination Kay and Bryan

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