SEAPOWRIMO coming August 8-18

I’ve recently been selected to be the moderator representing Laos during the annual Southeast Asian Poetry Writing Month this August! #SEAPoWriMo2019#SEAPoWriMo will take place between August 8-18th. So get your pencils ready!

This year we have a full ASEAN, and I’m happy to note my fellow moderators:

8 Aug (Malaysia): Afi Noor, Melizarani T. Selva, Tshiung Han See

9 Aug (Singapore): Sing Lit Station – Joshua Ip, Charlie Sheppy

10 Aug (Philippines): Luisa A. Igloria

11 Aug (Brunei): Jay M. Johar, Kerynissa Ibrahim, Huwaida

12 Aug (Thailand): Bhavna Khemlani, Gassanee Thaisonthi, Neda Aria, Morgan Pryce, Tha Phaung

13 Aug (Myanmar): Han Lynn

14 Aug (Timor-Leste): Dadolin Murak, Vitalia Ze

15 Aug (Laos): Bryan Thao Worra

16 Aug (Cambodia): Phina So, Yeng Chheangly

17 Aug (Indonesia): Mikael Johani, Norman Erikson Pasaribu

18 Aug (Vietnam): Ajar Poesia – Kaitlin Rees, Nha Thuyen, Red Slumber, Quyên Nguyễn-Hoàng

More details to follow soon. As the president of the international Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association, I will also be giving extra applause to those who can include science fictional elements into their poems: What do you imagine the future will be like for any of the subjects your verse addresses? What might be those deeper roads not taken?

bryan thao worra SEA MAP

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