CONvergence 2019 Panels So Far!

As one of this year’s Guests of Honor at CONvergence in Minnesota, I’ll be attending numerous panels and events as part of the festivities while we make the transition to Minneapolis at the Hyatt Regency at 1300 Nicollet Mall!

Thus far, among the confirmed panels for my time at 2019 Convergence are:

Ready, Steady, Flash, Thursday at 2 PM
Four writers are given a phrase, around which they must each write a piece of flash fiction. Live, in front of the audience. They have 5 MINUTES in which to write it. The audience votes on the best. Participants: C. Robert Cargill, Molly Glover, Amber Royer, Bryan Thao Worra, Lee Harris

Writing Religion, Thursday at 5 PM
We’ll discuss techniques that help ensure that you represent the effect religion (or the lack of it) has on your storytelling. Participants: Bryan Thao Worra, Rory Ni Coileain, Shauna Aura Knight, Stephanie Zvan (mod), Tim W Lieder

Opening Ceremonies, Thursday at 7 PM
With: Gregory Parks, Bryan Thao Worra, Chuck Tingle, Dawn Krosnowski, Bridget Landry, Peter David, Guy Consolmagno, Allen Turner, Aubrey Turner, The Doubleclicks, and Laser Malena-Webber

56857683_10157351651414479_211535308355796992_n (1)

Witchcraft in the Modern Age, Friday at 11 AM
Witchcraft has been around for centuries, but with urban sprawl, witches are having to adapt to the world around them. Come learn about the different types of witches, their practices, & the effects modern life has had on them from purse altars to Tumblr. Participants: Bryan Thao Worra, Kai Stewart (mod), Brittany Ann Kerschner, Sam Berg, Eli Effinger-Weintraub

Switching Gears as a Writer, Friday at 2 PM
Four writers of book-length fiction and online non-fiction will talk about the unique challenges and rewards of both types of writing and how they approach each, with the discussion led by an editor who works with all of them. A Twin Cities Geek panel. Participants: Rob Callahan, Taylor Cisco, Brianna Lawrence, Madeleine Vasaly (mod)

Updating the Classic Fairy Tale, Friday at 3:30 PM
How can we update the classic fairy tales to reflect modern values in gender roles, equality, and others? Participants: Bryan Thao Worra, Rory Ni Coileain, Dana M Baird, Elizabeth Wambheim (mod), Naomi Kritzer

Book Signing, Friday at 5 PM

bryan thao worra 2019

SEAPunk in SFF. Satuday at 2 PM
AKA From Sticky Rice To Secret Wars: What are some of the exciting monsters, settings, characters and cultural elements that can make your Southeast Asian fantasy, Sci-Fi & horror capture the imagination? Participants: Bryan Thao Worra

Rebooting Myth and Legend. Saturday at 3:30 PM
We’ve just had blockbuster movies featuring a daughter of Zeus and the Norse god of thunder among many others. So let’s talk about how the ancient stories – Greek, African, Chinese, and beyond – are being continually invented and reinvented! Participants: Bryan Thao Worra, Raederle Sterling, Dana M Baird, Kelly McCullough, phillip andrew bennett low (mod)

The Not-So-Silent Planet Reading! Saturday at 5:30 PM
A showcase of authors and performers presented by the Not-So-Silent Planet, the only recurring open-mic in the country dedicated to speculative fiction. Curated guests include Gabriela Santiago, Rob Callahan, phillip low, Cole Sarar, and a few surprises. Participants: Ben San Del, Pat Harrigan, Gabriela Felice Santiago, phillip andrew bennett low, Cole Sarar, Bryan Thao Worra, Rob Callahan

Paranormal Minnesota, Saturday at 8:30 PM
Curious about haunted places in Minnesota? Learn some of the places you can visit and why they have the reputation of being ghostly. Share experiences you have had with haunted sites around the state. Participants: Bryan Thao Worra, Jei Herald-Zamora (mod), Wendy M Fossum, Deborah Frethem

I’ll also be doing another book signing at 10AM and participating in closing ceremonies on Sunday. Of course, impromptu Speculative Poetry workshops, demonstrations and Laomagination presentations will also abound on an Erisian basis, as will the cursing of various sundry objects (for entertainment purposes only) as various situations call for!

CONvergence is a convention for fans of science fiction and fantasy in all media held annually on the first full weekend of July. CONvergence was launched in 1999 and has grown to be the largest convention of its kind in Minnesota and beyond! CONvergence is produced by Convergence Events, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. CONvergence is their premiere event, their largest celebration, and a sign of things to come. Their mission is to create exciting events that connect, enrich, and expand our diverse community. And we consider you a valuable part of that community!

So I look forward to seeing all of you there!


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