Little Laos on the Prairie Welcomes Chelsey See Xiong


Little Laos on the Prairie just announced the addition of Chelsey See Xiong to their writing team. Chelsey will be covering the Hmong diaspora in future posts.

Chelsey See Xiong identifies as Hmong American. She has published about Asian Americans in ethnic publications, including A-List Magazine, The Hmong Tribune, The kNOw Youth Media, Txhawb Magazine, and she started the online platforms and led the digital editorial work for Asian Pacific Review at her alma mater, California State University, Fresno. She worked on the Hmongstory 40 project, where she supported programs, communications, organized volunteers, researched, and wrote for the exhibition.

She received the Critical Refugee Collective grant given by the University of California Critical Refugee Collective in 2017, for which she funded the printing of the zine series MAI. In 2018, she helped organize the Legacies of War LaoNow2018 Creative Feast in NYC. She also co-founded and is currently the co-editor of maivmai, a digital Hmong American Literary Press. You can find her poetry in Files, Cockroaches and Poetry (2017) published by the Chicanx Writers and Artists Association at Fresno State. She has read with the Hmong American Writers Circle. Her passion is Southeast Asian diaspora and what she calls the Hmongsphere.

These are some considerable experiences she has to draw upon and it looks like an opportunity to meaningfully further the great dialogue and conversations that have been going on in the pages of Little Laos on the Prairie as it prepares to expand its coverage in a very challenging time. I look forward to all that she writes soon!

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