Lantern Review recently announced their return after a hiatus of several years, and mentioned a transition to the use of Submittable, with a first reading period deadline of November 30th, 2018. They’re an Asian American literary journal I’m happy to see returning to the scene, and I look forward to more work from them.

Here, you can browse their archives for a classic interview Wendy Chin-Tanner did with me, and a poem of mine.

Lantern Review aims to provide a virtual space in which to showcase Asian American poetry and to engage with issues relevant to its production and dissemination. We seek to publish expertly crafted poetry in a variety of forms and aesthetics, including traditional and experimental pieces, hybrid and multimedia projects, and new translations. We welcome submissions from anglophone writers of all ethnic backgrounds whose work has a vested interest in issues relevant to the Asian diaspora in North America, as well as work created collaboratively in a community context.


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