Live Readings on Soundcloud

It has been a little while since i last updated my Soundcloud channel, but thanks to my Patreon supporters, I’ve recently been adding new live recordings of the poems featured in Diasporantics which was issued in mid-April on Issuu. You’ll also find a selection of mp3s from 10 years ago when I was reading my verse at the Loft Literary Center and other locales around St. Paul. Many of those first appeared on my youtube channel, which I admit I’ve not been posting to as frequently this season due to a malfunctioning video camera and also some policies at the site that leave me with dampened enthusiasm for posting content there. But that’s a long discussion.

Many of the older poems are very rough and tinny. I’d delete them, except that I respect the need for something of a historical and artistic record so that I can see progress with better equipment, training, etc. over a longer stretch of time. Even some of the newer ones from last year suffer a bit from being in a state of heavy transition and very few good recording devices available to me.

My approach is ultimately to record these in multiple ways so that my readers can feel there’s some flexibility and fluidity to how they might read these poems of mine or their own poems over the years. Different circumstances and occasions, venues and opportunities all figure into this.

As a poet, I suppose that puts me at a particular disadvantage or challenge- unlike singers and musicians, or arguably, even prose writers, I don’t write my poems to be read the same way twice. They may have consistencies in some sections, but by and large, I think the tone and tempo, the various points of emphasis and enunciation are more interesting because they can shift and adjust. They are not to be read as something locked in stone, something that only one person can ever read convincingly.

As always, thank you for your support, and I look forward to hearing from you all in the comments and elsewhere!



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