Shared Horizons Kickstarter for Southeast Asian American literature underway!

Rambutan Literary is launching its first anthology of works curated from its first two years of publishing Southeast Asian literature. I’ve interviewed their founder Do Nguyen Mai, the author of the Elgin-nominated Ghosts Still Walking in the past.

They noted:

Although histories may have spread Southeast Asian peoples across the world, words of our present times can bridge Southeast Asian communities over the globe’s vast lands and seas. Rambutan Literary’s core mission has always been to serve as an active piece of that bridge, gathering distinct voices of the global Southeast Asian literary community within one shared space. We want to provide a space for Southeast Asian writers across the world to be in conversation with one another and to define ourselves not only of Asia or of the Asian diaspora, but as distinctly Southeast Asian.

In a time when the conflicts which have separated us and continue to separate us gain attention, we find it increasingly important to emphasize and discuss the dreams and futures we share as a global community of Southeast Asians.

If you loved the work that Rambutan has been doing over the last 24 months, I’d strongly recommend giving them some support for this project. They’re ambitiously trying to raise $3,000 by February 4th in an all-or-nothing campaign on Kickstarter. They have a plausible budget and a good track record for delivering what they’ve set out to do. Check it out.


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