Happy Birthday, Noi Sengsourigna

Today we wish happy birthday to Noi Sengsourigna, a Lao musician, artist and educator. She grew up in a family dedicated to the preservation and the teaching of Lao culture and is actively continuing the tradition while pursuing many other pursuits in Vientiane. An architecture graduate from RMIT, Australia, her passion is Lao culture, music and dance and sharing them with children.

In pursuit of her passions, she became a songwriter, producer and performer in live concerts, on television and in recordings. She has been a news reader on Lao National Television, and volunteers with many community projects to help the Lao people.

I had the opportunity to meet the immensely talented singer and activist in 2009 while she was touring the United States as a cultural ambassador from Laos.

lao artist meet

She was working to bring attention to the creative work at the Sengsourigna Children’s Music Center (SCMCC) which was working under the umbrella of Social Science Researchers Art of Speaking Promotion Association or SRASPA.

The inspiration for the Center came about in 1982 in Sihome Village. There Noi Sengsourigna’s father ran the Traditional Music Center. The Sengsourigna Children’s Music Center was devoted to teaching dance, music and Lao culture to Lao children in Shihone primary schools and other locations. In addition to dance and music, children are taught painting, drawing, reading, storytelling and other graphic arts. Here, you can see a performance of hers with Hmong scholar Dr. Yang Dao in 2009:


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