2017 Poetry Publications


While there are a few pieces still awaiting final consideration and publication this year, the following list reflects my poetry published between January to December 2017, Year of the Rooster. This year I had 11 poems in traditional magazines, documentaries, and other projects, which I consider a very good level of output.

Additionally, 34+ new poems were presented on my blogs and Patreon. These occupy a peculiar interstitial space: They typically won’t qualify as “official” publications for consideration in various literary awards, fellowships and the like, but these poems are also now considered ineligible for publication except as a reprint.

My thanks to everyone involved for all of your continued support. It’s been a joy to challenge our ideas of what Lao art has been and must be, and I look forward to many more years ahead with all of you. Here is my list for 2017:


“Jaew,” “Commodities,” “Laos in the House,” Lao of the Central Valley, LSA Publications, December, 2017.

“Zelkova Tree,” Voice and Verse, December, 2017.

“Pavlov’s Menagerie Ruminates,” SPECPO, November, 2017.

“The Last War Poem,” Secret War documentary, Valley PBS trailer, October, 2017.

“What Kills A Man,” and “An Archaeology of Snow Forts,” Mithila Review, August, 2017.

“Ecce Monstro,” Poetry, July/August, 2017.

“The Robo Sutra,” Machine Dreams Zine, May, 2017.

“Vientiane In 12 Haikus” Capitals, January, 2017.