Celebrating International Speculative Poetry Day, November 3rd

I had the honor this year of working with the 300+ members of the international Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association to establish the inaugural International Speculative Poetry Day on November 3rd.

This day pays tribute to both the readers and writers of speculative poetry across the ages and around the world, recognizing the work they do to challenge our ideas of the what’s possible, and what we might remember and imagine. The office of the Governor of Minnesota was kind enough to issue us a proclamation in support of the occasion, and I’m deeply appreciative of everyone who was involved in making this happen!

ISP Day 2017

I’m looking forward to seeing so many more incredible things from all of you in the coming years ahead, and to discover more of our history of speculative poetry that are not yet in common knowledge. Keep inspired and creative!

This year, we’re celebrating the 60th anniversary of Laika at SFPA: Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (That’s 420 in dog years!) My poem “Pavlov’s Menagerie Ruminates” is there, as well as new work by Marge SimonF.J. BergmannMelanie Stormm, and Colleen Anderson art by Dr. Susie GeeForce and a classic poem by Ann K. Schwader!



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