Towards A More Perfect Union: Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans Awards Dinner


This year the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans gathered the community together to recognize the journeys of Asian Americans.

A key theme was to ask one another what it will take to unite and collaborate together to form a more perfect union for another in the years ahead, even as we remember the challenges of what happened before to so many of us in the 20th century.

This year we saw recipients recognized with roots in Nepal, India, Malaysia, and more, and a good conversation on the Japanese internment into concentration camps during World War 2 and the role of the highly decorated 442nd infantry regiment, as well as the role of the Hmong during the Secret War, and how it all ties to our present day concerns for justice and social equity, education, and effective representation. There were some deeply moving moments of remembrance and joy. I recommend everyone to attend next year.

You can see more pictures from the evening at my flickr. But here’s a few previews, and an article in greater detail will be appearing shortly at Sahtu Press.